iSpaces CXD


iSpaces CXD is a service that is geared towards the convergence of enterprise systems, processes and communications to foster end to end streamlined integration in the way you acquire, engage and maintain customers.

Customer Experience Design


CXD is about tangible results

Customer Experience is more than mere perception. It is about generating tangible value for your customer and your bottom line.

The more personal the device the more warranted and precise the interaction

Your customers attention is spread amongst a myriad of displays and devices, the communication and methods for engagement must fit accordingly to the degree these devices are related to them.

CXD is a holistic endeavour

Great customer experience is not the product of a business unit or organizational department, it must ensue as part of an organizational culture that is deeply embedded in your company and reflected in the way your systems and processes converge.

CXD is not about screens it's about meaningful interactions.

There is a fatal misconception in treating today’s personal computing technology as mere screens that reproduce the same type of one way interactions of display advertising, effective customer experiences take advantage of all of the resources of the devices and creates distinct interactions with each of them.

CXD is an ongoing process of feedback and perfection.

Customer Experience Design is a customer centric process, that adapts and evolves as the customer and it’s points of contact and engagement evolve. CXD is an ever evolving field that requires constant attention and refinement.

The iSpaces CXD process


The initial phase of iSpaces CXD is executing a business structure analysis, full tech and systems inventory, Customer base analysis and objective scope feasibility.


Once the analysis phase is concluded and the objectives set forth are feasible, we provide a series of Use Case scenarios and Engineering Requirements that are then approved by your organization.


iSpaces is a one stop provider for the integration and development of Customer Experience Systems, nonetheless we encourage that the whole process is set in an environment of collaboration and teamwork and thus we are also capable of working with other providers in the projects that are assigned by our clients.


Once the project was successfully executed we re-initiate the process by benchmarking performance with the business objectives set and Customer feedback. To then iterate on incremental cycles to achieve optimal results in CXD implementation.