general faqs

What can I do with iSpaces?

iSpaces allows you access to your web life from any device* exactly as you left it. Untethering you from your personal device as we move into the “anonymous device” era, you can access all of your web pages and apps through our cloud-based browser, Rocket. iSpaces’ persistent nature redelivers your web pages exactly as you left them and our Persistent Login feature keeps you logged into password-protected sites until you logout, plus your History is saved to the cloud.  *mobile devices coming soon

What are the requirements to use iSpaces?

Java 7 is required for Windows and Java 6 for Mac OSX. We currently recommend the Chrome browser on Windows 7; however, iSpaces can also work on various Windows versions with FireFox and IE and Mac OS X with Chrome, FireFox and Safari.

What does it cost?

iSpaces is completely free.

Is iSpaces safe?

Yes, we use the latest standards compliant encryption methods to keep your sessions safe. None of your data is directly exposed to the Internet and is stored in our secure data centers in Silicon Valley with backup and replication.